"My goals were to get organised with my YouTube channel, take the first steps with my music career and become healthier. Throughout my journey I have become more confident which has enabled me to network more effectively and be more organised in regard to my daily actions supporting my goals. Juliet was a great coach who supported me each week!"


"My biggest goal was to succeed in my degree during a very challenging time in my life. With Juliet, I was able to recognise my priorities and manage them in a way that wasn’t detrimental to my physical and mental wellbeing, which were being affected severely beforehand. I have now graduated with the grades I wanted, I was able to improve my mental health and change my career path successfully. Juliet is extremely inspiring and empowering and because of her coaching I’ve become a better version of myself and achieved way more than I thought I was capable of."


"When I first started-out with the life coaching sessions, my life was upside down, nothing was going right at all. My girlfriend then recommended Juliet and I was hesitant at first but once I got to know her and discussed my goals with her I instantly felt reassured about life. I worked with Juliet for 6-months, since my time with her I achieve a full-time job doing something I love. Thanks to her help and support I manage to achieve all my goals in 6-months."


"Juliet’s methodical style and excellent ability to communicate clearly helped me to gain clarity on my goals.

Her strong questioning technique meant that she would always find a way for me to consider my challenges and reframe them positively. She helped me to break down the things I believed to be obstructing my path and I would come away from sessions having explored and committed to tangible and practical actions.

As a result of Juliet’s coaching I have made significant head way on the management of my finances and set up of my online forum. I am grateful to have met Juliet and would have no hesitation in recommending her coaching services to others."




"Having tried various types of talking therapy, I was very intrigued by the idea of life coaching. I didn’t know much about the process, but Juliet clearly explained how it works from the outset. Going into the sessions, my goal was to improve how I felt in/with myself, and there has been a definite positive shift since we started. Juliet is a calming, positive influence and uses simple techniques to make a big difference. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about life coaching to speak to her."


"I started coaching sessions with Juliet in the last couple of months of my degree in the hopes she could help me improve my productivity. Thanks to the adjustments I made to my daily routine, my last two essays were the highest grades of my entire degree! It was also amazing to have Juliet still coaching me in my transition to post-graduate life, with her guidance I was able to figure out what I wanted to prioritise in my free time in order to keep up with all my hobbies and not fall into the couch-potato trap after leaving uni. Juliet is honestly the loveliest coach I could have asked for and I’m obsessed with her Instagram!"


"Juliet is friendly and supportive and asked probing questions to help me think of things/ lead me to discovering things I wouldn’t have otherwise."


"Juliet has not only helped me in my main goal of getting a different job, but she has helped me regain focus in all areas of my life. I know feel more energetic and confident in taking steps to see progress in all aspects of my life."


"Juliet is an approachable, non-judgemental coach. I found her sessions very useful, and I have made progress with my ability to look at my situation and evaluate ways in which I can improve my situation. I have become clearer on how I talk to myself, gained clarity on my negative habits and practice more self-love towards myself. I have also learnt to set myself stricter goals. I would thoroughly recommend Juliet."


"When I started with Juliet, I had a goal to expand my network in London and activities to create some passive incomes. 6 weeks after, thanks to Juliet support, I was more organized, structured and I started a part-time business that allows me to get some passive income. I also feel more confident and learned the process of how to break things down to move forward step by step and be more efficient. Thank you Juliet for your help. You are a beautiful person." 


"Juliet was powerful as a life coach, she helped change my life." 


"When I first began working with Juliet, I had an idea of what I wanted career wise, but I was having trouble moving through it and figuring out how I would go about. Juliet helped me organize my thoughts, open up on what I was missing and what I needed to do to achieve the goals, and she also coached me on emotional intelligence throughout, showing me how to set realistic expectations for myself regarding my time and my schedule. Slowly but surely changes started happening and those goals started coming to fruition, and it absolutely has to do with the fact that my mindset and my ideas were in order, and that’s all thanks to Juliet’s patience, understanding, openness and professionalism in coaching me. She is such a natural and an innate at coaching and listening to stories as well as helping."  


"I was feeling stuck in my career for a very long time but was also struggling to do anything about it. Juliet helped me achieve my goals of figuring out what my next move is career wise and working towards it. She was there in every step of the way from breaking down tasks into small, manageable actions to creating action plans for me to follow. I really enjoyed her positive approach and her optimism was infectious! I really looked forward to sessions with her and I would highly recommend her if anybody feels a bit lost in their career or life in general and need guidance on how to approach it."


“My goal was to increase my closing ratio to 10% in my business through my coaching sessions. I have been able to double my initial goal. Juliet was a fantastic coach because she balanced holding me accountable and listening to what my mental blocks were.” 


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