Project You - Video 4 worksheet

A sneak peak of one of the many worksheets from Project You - my Pizza of Life. A great worksheet to briefly reflect on your life right now and decide which area of your life needs greater attention.

My self-coaching program for you to focus on yourself at your own pace.

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Monthly Planner

Each month is the perfect amount of days to plan, act, reflect and tweak. Use this template to help you keep track and monitor your monthly  goals.


Cup of Self-Love worksheet

Each day we need our morning coffee to function properly. Just like that cup of coffee, we also need a cup of self-love. These activities help to recharge our physical and mental energy levels, but sometimes we aren’t fully aware of what these activities are. This worksheet will help with that. 

How do you spend your time?

Time is our most precious currency. Are we spending it wisely? 

Use this exercise to see where your time is currently going. From there, you can choose to tweak how you're spending your time, as you see fit!


"My goals were to get organised with my YouTube channel, take the first steps with my music career and become healthier. Throughout my journey I have become more confident which has enabled me to network more effectively and be more organised in regard to my daily actions supporting my goals. Juliet was a great coach who supported me each week!"


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