When you are considering a coach, you're going to want to 'click' with them. It's like any other relationship; the better you work together, the better the result.


So, here's a 1-pager about me. 

My story:


I grew up in an Italian family in Adelaide, Australia and was generally the 'music one' throughout school. I played piano predominantly, earning my Certificate in Performance and becoming pianist in residence for a local orchestra. I'm intelligent, which shone through back then, and I enjoyed the challenge of acing exams, competitions and performances. Yes, I enjoyed exams. Weird I know. 

Overwhelmed by the multitude of choices I had and the high expectations of me from school, I probably tried almost every degree on offer at uni, from product design to medicine. Five and a half years later, I had me 2 degrees: Environmental Policy and Management, and Advanced Chemistry. I don't professionally use either. 

At uni I discovered my now strong values and views of the environment and gender equality. I genuinely believe that alone we are great but together we can achieve wonders. Growing a sustainable and supportive community is an important dream of mine, because everyone can be their best in that environment, including the planet. 

Growing up I didn't have strong friendships, none which have lasted today. It took me a while to grow into myself (still am), and only now have I really started to develop meaningful friendships where I've opened my true self up to others. Letting people in is hard, but incredibly rewarding. There was one person who taught me how to do this the most, and that's Luke. I met him when I was 18, married him at 24, and he's my best friend. I love him to bits. We've been together through some crucial growth periods, from childhood to adulthood, and have lived across 3 countries now. 8 years and going strong, and the adventure continues everyday.

This brings me to London. Came here 3 weeks after we got married and we're still here. Stepping away from your family and everything you've ever known can teach you some things let me tell you. I have broken and rediscovered who I am several times (100% will happen again), and it's here that I chose to become a life coach. Some people think that a 20-something can't be a life coach because they've barely lived. These people don't fully understand what life coaching is, because coaching isn't about me and my experience. Coaching is about YOU and asking YOU to delve in and discover what YOU want. I've been thoroughly

trained to do that, with a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching that took me 9 months to study. I also enjoy continuing to further develop myself with CPD opportunities. See that love of exams and achievements up there? I channel that in everything I do. With over 100 hours of coaching under my belt so far, I am incredibly passionate about giving my clients the skills they need to transform themselves. 

My growth, my journey, my coaching journey, are all dynamic and still going. 

Other bits:

  • On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, my personality matched most with ISTJ. 

  • I am an organising queen.

  • I am a do-er.

  • I value honesty. Be honest. Dishonesty only shows you're lying to yourself. 

  • Determined, persistent, strong-headed, intense and passionate are words family has used to describe me.

  • I love reading and I love books.

  • I hate soft drinks. I've never had a glass of any soft drink in my life.

  • I also don't like swimming pools.

  • I love licking the bowl after baking, and eating little bits of raw dough.

  • When I was younger, I wanted to be an archaeologist. 

  • Since the day I could hold a pencil, I've always enjoyed artistic hobbies - drawing, painting, sewing, craft projects, anything.


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