At the beginning of April 2020, I was featured on The Coaching Academy's blog for their weekly Coach in the Spotlight. 

This book is born out of the collective effort of experts, coaches, educators and creatives, including myself, to provide guidance in the understanding of the stress response and how it affects us at both a physiological and psychological level. The amazing Rewire Hub have created this book of strategies and techniques that have been scientifically shown to support the stress-reduction process.

Bridal coaching is an area where I've recognised coaching has a place yet has not existed - up until now. In February 2020 I held a stand at one of the biggest wedding shows in the UK, and wrote for The National Wedding Show's blog on how to reduce stress for your wedding. 

"My goals were to get organised with my YouTube channel, take the first steps with my music career and become healthier. Throughout my journey I have become more confident which has enabled me to network more effectively and be more organised in regard to my daily actions supporting my goals. Juliet was a great coach who supported me each week!"


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