So...what is personal performance coaching?

Personal performance coaching, or life coaching, helps you move towards your goals. It's versatile and can be applied to any goal, because it focuses on the PROCESS you go through when working towards something, rather than the actual goal itself. 

The process is impacted by your internal state - whether you think you can do it - and your external state - the actions you choose to take. As your coach, I will guide you to explore, unpack and develop your process, and together we will track your progress both internally and externally. This results in lots of action on yourself and your goals. 

What you get from coaching:

  • Progress on your goal

  • A pragmatic approach to any project, beyond your time with me

  • Increased awareness of who you are

  • Learn more about your beliefs, and which ones hold you back

  • How to reflect, and apply that smartly to your future

  • Time management strategies to adopt

  • Accountability

  • Non-Judgemental guidance on your thought process

  • Exercises, worksheets and recommendations where relevant

My OWN goal is to make coaching more accessible and available, so I am constantly working on giving you plenty of coaching options depending on your style and budget: 


£0 - £50


There's no real limit here because it depends on how many sessions you want and how often.

There's a lot of flexibility here and customising to your needs, but check out the coaching process below to get a general idea of the average coaching-client


A small investment to test whether you and I are a good fit! 

Check out my bridal coaching book, my online coaching course Project You on the Resources page, or have a one-off coaching session to set you on your way. 

And of course you can engage with everything free as well. 

Watch this space for: a coaching 2021 diary and an online 

Mastermind group.

Who doesn't love free stuff??

Head to the Resources page for free coaching worksheets, subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know of new worksheet releases and a monthly coaching-style challenge, and head to my instagram for tips, coaching questions, and my 2-min Coaching Nuggets to get to know me and my style of coaching. 

Watch this space for: worksheets, tips and advice

The coaching process:

Depending on your goal, and how fast/slow you'll be wanting to work on it, you will get to choose how frequently you have your coaching sessions, either fortnightly, monthly or even bi-monthly as the relationship gets on. Coaching sessions are online via Skype. Face-to-face sessions can be arranged at my discretion.