This is me on my wedding day.


I was actually pretty calm that day. But behind that smile were months of organisation, stress, tears and 'putting on a brave face' for decisions I wasn't always comfortable with. But I didn't know who I was able to talk to, because,

"Oh honey, it's your wedding day!"

To make sure no other bride feels like this, I have married (pun intended) coaching and weddings together to create BRIDAL COACHING, to coach brides through their wedding planning, and take care of themselves during the process.


My first book, What They Don't Tell You About Planning Your Own Wedding goes through all the motions of wedding planning. A mixture of my own wedding planning experience and coaching, this book has been curated to give you everything you need for the wedding planning period, from organising and planning to dealing with family politics and stress. It is packed full of recommendations, tips, self-coaching questions, and exercises to help you plan your beautiful day.  

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Downloadables from my book

Pick up a copy of my book to get the most out of the below wedding planning tools, complimentary to 'What They Don't Tell You About Planning Your Own Wedding'!

Wedding Budget Template

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Contacts List Template


Timeline Template


Cup of Self-Love Template


Bridal Coaching Packages

Set Me Up Package


  • 1 x 1 hour coaching and workshop session with me* to kickstart your wedding planning and set you up on the right track


Survival Package


  • 1 x 1 hour set-up, planning and workshop session with me*

  • 3 x 50min online coaching sessions with me regularly throughout your wedding planning period (more or less can be arranged)

  • Unlimited email access during your wedding planning period

  • 1 x 30min follow-up online coaching session 1 month post-wedding

[* Where possible, first session is in person, otherwise online, at my discretion]



CocoRio is a creative babysitting company that uses an underemployed talent pool (creative professionals) to create a smarter babysitting service.

All our sitters are fully DBS checked and first aid trained and they go through a three stage interview. All our sitters are also creative professionals: musicians, actors, painters, mask makers, puppeteers, sculptors, etc! We offer different services for different age groups from 0 to 15 years old tailoring our services to families' requirements and children's talents. We also offer CocoRio sessions in different foreign languages. Do not hesitate to ask whatever requirements you may have, we will find a sitter who will fit them perfectly.

Do you have any children coming to your wedding and do you want them to have a tailored experience making sure that your not-so-little guests can also enjoy their wedding? CocoRio sends creative sitters to your wedding and they will tailor the activities to your specific requirements and wedding/event setting. For wedding packages we recommend our favourite structure which includes a mix of music, movement and crafts. We can tailor the activities to your wedding’s theme and location and we can offer activities to engage children of all ages and requirements.