If you are engaged to be married, planning a wedding can be a particularly stressful time in your life. It's one of those things we aren't taught how to do, yet are expected to simply know how to organise. And, chances are there's also going to be a disproportionate amount of pressure based on gender.

When I got married to Luke, I felt the wedding planning pressures. I couldn't find any help out there at the time, so I decided to fill the gap myself.

My first book, What They Don't Tell You About Planning Your Own Wedding goes through all the motions of wedding planning. A mixture of my own wedding planning experience and coaching principles, this book has been curated to give you everything you need for the wedding planning period, from organising and planning to dealing with family politics and stress. It is packed full of recommendations, tips, self-coaching questions, and exercises to help you plan your beautiful day.

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Free Resources from my book

The below downloadables compliment material from my book, to help you during your wedding planning period.

Cup of Self Love

Wedding Budget

Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding Contacts List

Bridal Coaching

A mixture of coaching, wedding admin and mental health care, bridal coaching applies coaching principles to your wedding planning, with the goal being creating your beautiful wedding.

This can be a one-off 'just get me started' session, to monthly guidance throughout your engagement - it's totally up to you. 

If you are or someone you know are recently engaged and think bridal coaching would be useful,

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